Saturday, September 1, 2012

RE:The Irish Thalidomide Survivors Society release the following statement. re; Grunenthal's thalidomide apology to Thalidomide Survivors

50 years on and GrĂ¼nenthal think that they can offer an apology now
An apology will not give us back our childhood, or wrap full-length arms around our children or grandchildren to console them when they are crying. It will not act as a painkiller when we are awake at nights suffering horrendous pain that no painkiller can cure. It cannot give us dignity when our spouses and personal assistants need to help us change our clothes use the toilet or have a bath.   For some it will not allow us to have a normal basic social, lads or girls night out without a mammoth planning exercise.

 It will not provide the finances to adapt are homes our cars or even have are clothes made to suit our damaged. it can not get our provide us with wheelchairs or any other helping tools to stop more deterioration in are bodies. So, Mr Stock how valuable is your apology

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